Monday, 13 July 2015

Learning with Mozilla

Firefox Student Ambassadors

Individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox & other Mozilla products - especially Firefox OS!

Who We Are

Creative and resourceful, Student Ambassadors lead campaigns and projects at their colleges and in their communities to encourage others to contribute to Mozilla (and utilize our products). Together, Firefox Student Ambassadors play a large role in helping to improve the global experience of people on the Web.

What We Do

  • Promote Firefox for Desktop and Android
  • Support the successful launch of Firefox OS in communities (and campuses!) around the world
  • Educate others about Mozilla’s mission
  • Grow the Mozilla Community

Benefits of Joining

  • Obtain leadership roles on your campus
  • Help grow our community (and spread our mission) around the world
  • Receive a bunch of cool rewards and recognition opportunities
  • Help promote the open web and gain marketing experience
  • Potential for a Mozilla internship
  • Access to a network of Firefox Student Ambassadors all over the world

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