Saturday, 8 August 2015

Mozignite Event Report

Mozilla Corporation is a non- profit organization that believes web is a resource and an indispensible component of human lives. It is a community of technologists that believe in openness, innovation and opportunity on web for anyone and everyone. Mozilla in order to spread the awareness about open web and to improve the experience on web for people started Student Ambassador Program in which ambassadors lead campaigns and projects at their colleges and in their communities so as to contribute to this organization.
On 22 January ’15, a small group of students organized an awareness event MOZIGNITE about Mozilla Firefox at 3:40 PM in E3-305 at Amity University,Noida .The event was kick started with video presentation wherein we enlightened the participants about the birth of Firefox. The group got into an engaging discussion about the logo of Firefox. The ambassadors informed students about the concept of open web, Mozilla philosophy and ideology and patiently answered the various queries of the participants. Even though the timings were odd and there were many obstacles ,the ambassadors successfully organized the event and even had a footfall of more than 40 students from various different branches considering this was the first event and was organized in a matter of few days.
The video presentations were followed by a small competition consisting of two rounds. The first round tested the knowledge of the participants about the various major IT firms around the globe. The top six scorers qualified for the next round that involved pitching. For pitching the contestants were given 10 minutes for brainstorming and then called before the judges to pitch their ideas in a minute. The judge panel consisted of Mr.Arun Prakash Agarwal and Mr. Ankur Chaudhary. They grilled the contestants by asking various questions after their pitch and gave the result on the basis of their ideas and its feasibility and their oration skills .

In the end two students were announced as winners , Shrey Saxena was awarded for giving the Best Pitch and Adarsh Mishra won for having the Best Idea. The winners were given 4GB Scan Disk pendrives as winning prize

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