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Members Of Aset FireFox Club 

MANMOHAN SINGLA | Club Lead & Founder
Lives By his Heart and swears by quality. he is like an all in one Collection, being demanded in every field of work from his music field in which he Master's all the instruments,to the field of technology,in which he has experienced Web developing to it's core, to a complete business and management person having small business of his own , working with many organisations, he has it all. Guiding the Jugaadin Team he believes in taking all in equal stream. Also to mention his Band Annagennese.


A person with a very strong personality, Prachi Tyagi holds the reputation of taking strong and firm decisions. With extraordinarily good organising and management skills she is just the perfect leader that a club requires. Having an excellent command over her speaking skills, she is capable of convincing anybody and everybody and is an ardent believer in team work. Besides this she is also a Java developer and is a voracious reader.


An all-rounder , Sparsh Saxena excels at every job he takes up. Besides having great managerial skills, Sparsh has knowledge and experience on maximum areas that a club requires. Be it the technology related issues or the publicity and publication work. Sparsh nearly excels in every department that a club is made up of. Besides this he is also capable of motivating his team to give their best shot for achieving their target.


Shashank Kaushik is currently pursuing  B.tech in CSE. He has excellent Marketing and amazing pitching skills. He has worked with certain NGOs and the exposure has only further enhanced his personality. A light-hearted person who  believes in team work ,Shashank  can calmly handle critical situations. He is interested in various sports and dance is his passion

NIDHI JAIN | Deputy General Secretary
Passionate about photography and travelling , Nidhi Jain is a person who faces challenges head-on. She is hard-working and her patience in handling people is commendable. She is a basic programmer and designer and is dependable.

A responsible and dependable personality, Aayushi is a creative person at heart. She is passionate about painting and designing and one can always count on her come whatever may be the situation.

TUSHAR C. KAPOOR | Technical
A highly talented individual, Tushar offers passionate drive to explore technological innovations. He has demonstrated competence in independently formulating and launching technology events both in college and in school. A creative and determined being and when he undertakes any work he makes sure to “Make it Happen”

PARAV SINGLA | Event Management

A person who is always there to have your back, Parav is a highly dependable individual . He is highly optimistic and is a chess player. A well informed tech savvy person and a skilled developer (Android, html, css, php, JavaScript, JDBC, JSP,Python,Java) , 

Parav can charm anyone with his smile and sweetness.

Himanshu Goyal | Public Relations | FSA

Himanshu He is a programming genius amongst the tech savies.Dedicated hardworking and the best part of him is his will and keeness to learn more and more & work on programming. When once assigned on a work,he works day & night $ breath out only after finishing the work.

Deeapak Joshi | Sponsorship | FSA
Deeapak Joshi He is kind & gentle by nature but very tough & strong by mind. He specialises in solving all the problem , we come across & asks him for help for. He keeps calm even in tough situation and manages to resolve them efficiently.

Shishant Sharma | Tech Support | FSA

Shishant :_Sincere From Nature and blogger by work , he is one of the most trustworthy
member of our team and never back off from doing any work for Jugaadin. He is one to be just the right to be the Blogger


A highly co-operative being who is a valuable asset to the team, Arushi is a practical and logical in nature. She has a knack for creativity and possess great listening skills. She is enthusiastic to learn and keeps herself updated about various technological developments.

HARSH JAIN | Creativity
A true Amitian by heart, Harsh creates excellent animations. Interested in coding, Adobe AfterEffects Photoshop ,gaming  and Animes, Harsh is light hearted fellow and nothing can easily dampen his spirits .

Krishna Singhal | Event Lead & FSA
A very happy-go-lucky guy, believes in hard work done the smarter way. Good at managing work and time simultaneously, working as a team leader has always been the best part. Playing games is my hobby.

Saurabh Pradhan | Communication Lead & FSA

An avid reader,blogger and photographer by avocation and a technocrat by nature.With utmost dedication and hustle he is determined to complete any task that is offered to him and portrays leadership qualities whenever necessity arrives .

Hitendra Singh | Managment Lead & FSA

Always Ready to Accept challenges in Life and view them as an opportunity and put his best Effort & Hardwork in Finishing the Task.He loves to Manage Events with full dedication & passion and being updated on Tech. & gadgets.

Sooraj Randhir Singh | Developer & FSA

Student of Btech CSE, always reading and being updated on tech and stuffs is his best hobbie, being happy and spreading happiness and love in the society is the main mission !!. Priority is friends .

Satavisha Mitra | Design Lead & FSA
A fashion sketcher, singer, dancer, photographer, coder and an avid learner
person with a wide smile and a good listener.

Ojaswi Singh | Event lead & FSA

A curious learner who is very good in management. And is always coming up with innovative ideas. And, can stay calm and composed even in the toughest times.

Divi Oberoi | Public Relations Lead & FSA

I'm currently pursuing my btech in computer science. I live by the saying carpe diem- seize the day. I'm an avid reader. I always try to look at the positive side of a situation.

Divleen Kaur | FSA
Dedicated and courteous worker, I believe that hard work is the key to success. With optimism and empathy as my benchmarks, I am a silent worker with a keen sense of appreciation. Mathematics runs in my vein. Imaginative having broadness of vision and power of expression I can relate learning to everyday life.